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My Technique

It’s never been enough for me to just pour or paint the colour. I love to connect with a canvas and claim it with my hands.  


Making marks and shapes, building and exploring the potential of abstract.

I like to approach my canvas free of preconceptions and open to possibilities.

Siobain O'Brien holding brushes and painting tools

My love of clay and tactile materials has led me to favour heavy texture in my art, incorporating rich layers and depth. When I start a piece of work I don’t really think about paint: using a texture-medium I create a form. Nothing beats the feeling of putting it on thick, moulding it and watching it take shape.


I might have a loose idea of what I want to create, but it’s an organic process and I go where the journey and the palette knife takes me. Sometimes it’s slow and hesitant, other times it’s a glorious frenzy of creativity.

Then I add acrylic paint using brushes and my fingers. My oldest, shabby-bristled paintbrushes produce the most beautiful of marks and highlight the subtle textures. I love saturated colour, intense, vibrant hues and contrasting light and dark. A vivid interplay of hard edges and soft blends.  I use neutral colours to creat balance, while introducing blues and greens to calm the chaos of the energy I’m harnessing.  I turn my canvas as I go and make sense of the work as it develops.


Gallery - Details of Textured Art

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