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An Explosion of Energy in Space and Time


a close up shot of textured acrylic painting 'Arden'n


Acrylic on Canvas



Acrylic on Canvas

close up section of painting 'Elara'


Acrylic on Canvas

close up of acrylic painting 'Gaia'


Acrylic on Canvas

Textured & fluid acrylic paintings on slim edge and deep edge canvas


What is the colour of energy?

Nature is always an inspiration for my artwork, and my pieces are often described as reflecting a place between earth and the galaxies. It’s about having a glimpse into another dimension that is a swirling vortex of colour, and an explosion of light, life and energy in motion. 

close up section of acrylic textured abstract by Siobain O'Brien Art

Movement, form and colour as one

I have an intimate and pure relationship with my subject. It’s about head, heart, soul and hand connecting – and expressing the essence of living in the moment.

Mullaghmore mountain, wild west of Ireland

Hold the Moment

“Hold the moment the wild West of Ireland wind whips off the Atlantic and sweeps through a copse of trees, flattened from the force. Hold the moment when the elements weather and wear against the ancient cliff-face, in a joyous explosion of energy, colour and sound. Or out there in the secret world of the galaxies, when a shooting star rips across the sky in a blaze of beauty.


These are moments of possibility, passion and change, when anything can happen. Pure energy. Wait for it, anticipate it, see it burst forth - then hold it in time. Not frozen, but grasped in a three-dimensional moving state, with all its drama, depth and beautiful chaos. These are the moments I seek to express and celebrate in my paintings with heavy texture, rich contrast and vivid colour.”


Woman wearing hat and dancing


There is no occasion or indeed, ordinary day, that cannot be improved with a jaunty hat. A dancing, horse-bothering, bed-loving girl from North Clare, I am actively committed to rescuing insects, believe a good carrot cake can never be over-estimated, and am of the opinion that the collective noun for colourful shoes is an ‘insufficiency’.

Beautiful horse
textured acrylic painting

"The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls"


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